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Billy Donovan

"Billy Donovan has no business being rated so highl..."


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William John Donovan, Jr. (born May 30, 1965) is an American professional basketball coach who is currently the head coach of the Oklahoma City Thunder of the National Basketball Association (NBA). He previously spent 19 seasons at the University of Florida, where his Florida Gators men's basketball teams won two NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championships in 2006 and 2007. Donovan has more wins than any other coach in the history of the Florida basketball program, and he coached the Gators to more NCAA tournament appearances, NCAA tournament wins, and Southeastern Conference (SEC) championships than all other coaches in program history combined.

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img Danny McVoy posted a review

He's a Westbrick appeaser. He has to stop Russell Westbrook from going for all those uncontested rebounds. It's hating the team. I hope this stops next season, else Thunder is going nowhere.

on June 15, 2017

Who's the greatest NBA players? Which is the best NBA team right now? Cast your vote, voice your opinions!

img sexy gal posted a review

OKLAHOMA CITY — It was the morning of Game 2 of the Western Conference semifinal series, and Billy Donovan, the coach of the Oklahoma City Thunder, was taking questions from the news media as his team finished its workout.

Two nights earlier, in Game 1, the Thunder had been embarrassed by the San Antonio Spurs, losing by 32 points. Midway through the interview, one reporter asked Donovan if there was anything he could learn from watching the way Gregg Popovich, his Spurs counterpart, worked and managed his team. “He’s one of the greatest coaches ever,” the reporter added.

Donovan hesitated for a moment and then politely deflected the question, saying he was too wrapped up in his own team to pay attention to Popovich’s work, although he made sure to add how much he respected Popovich.

The interaction was brief, but it illuminated the way many were viewing the series at the time: Popovich, the guru, going against Donovan, the rookie N.B.A. coach — never mind that Donovan had spent almost two decades becoming one of the top college coaches in the nation.

On Thursday, a week and a half later, Donovan and the Thunder vanquished Popovich and the Spurs with a Game 6 victory, making the Game 1 loss a distant memory and earning Donovan another dose of respect in his first N.B.A. season.

“We know that Pop is an unbelievable coach — the ways he draws up plays, the ways he subs, the way he does things — but Billy was pretty much ready for everything the Spurs threw at us,” the veteran guard Randy Foye said. “He did an unbelievable job of adjusting and growing, game in and game out.”

Donovan, 50, was hired one year ago to coach the Thunder, a supremely talented team that nevertheless has repeatedly fallen short of the trophy. He had spent 19 seasons as coach at Florida, posting a 467-186 record and leading the Gators to two national titles.

Donovan used the regular season to adjust to his new environs. The basketball is different. The players are in different points of their lives. He learned how to calibrate his message, and pare it to its essence, amid a grueling schedule.

on October 6, 2016

Who's the greatest NBA players? Which is the best NBA team right now? Cast your vote, voice your opinions!

img sexy gal posted a review

Billy Donovan is set to embark on his second season as Thunder head coach after leading Oklahoma City to a 55-win season, a Northwest Division title and a spot in the Western Conference Finals during his first NBA campaign.

By winning 55 games during the 2015-16 season, Donovan became the only first-year NBA head coach in league history to accomplish such a feat after coming directly from the college ranks. Additionally, Donovan became just the third first year head coach in the last 15 years to win 55 or more games during his first season (Kerr & Thibodeau).

After being named head coach on April 30, 2105, Donovan became the third head coach in Thunder history after enjoying an incredibly successful college coaching career that spanned more than two decades.

on October 4, 2016

Who's the greatest NBA players? Which is the best NBA team right now? Cast your vote, voice your opinions!

img Bruce Robertson posted a review

Despite the bumpy ride earlier this season, Billy Donovan led the Thunder past the all-time-great Spurs to the Western Conference Final in style, against all odds. Once again, the mantra of "regular season doesn't matter" is proven true. Bully Donovan has coached very well thus far in the playoffs. He outcoached Popovich, and that's a heavy thing to say.

This is the first year the Thunder actually made an effort to play like a team. Last year, the Thunder were tied for 24th in assists. This year, the Thunder were 10th. That's huge. Billy Donovan may not be the best coach, but I absolutely love the direction he's been leading this team in.

Moreover, playing Kanter and Adams together makes sense in hindsight, but it's not a move many guys make in 2016. Now let's see what he will do against Steve Kerr and a Warriors team that matches up extremely well against the Thunder.

on May 13, 2016
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Billy Donovan

Billy Donovan has no business being rated so highly
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